General Services Administration Information Technology Schedule 70 SIN 132-51

Yudrio’s IT – 70 Schedule

Contract Number: GS-35F-017CA
Contractor: Yudrio, Inc.
Address: 161 Fort Evans Road, Suite 325, Leesburg, VA 20176

What Is A HUBZone?

HUBZone Procurement Options

Yudrio Inc. is a small business, premier government contractor, with a HUBZone certification from the Small Business Administration (SBA). The HUBZone certification is a unique program that provides immediate value to Government Agencies and designated communities.

There are three types of awards a Contract Officer can utilize:  Competitive, Sole-Source, and Full and Open.

Competitive HUBZone
    A competitive HUBZone set-aside contract can be awarded if the contracting officer has a reasonable expectation that at least two responsible HUBZone small businesses will submit offers and that the resulting contract can be awarded at a fair market price. You can also create set-asides for specific orders within Multiple Award Contracts that were awarded through full and open competition.

Sole-Source HUBZone

    A sole-source HUBZone contract can be awarded if the contracting officer doesn’t have a reasonable expectation that two or more qualified HUBZone small businesses will submit offers, determines that the qualified HUBZone small business is responsible, and determines that the contract can be awarded at a fair price. The government estimate cannot exceed $7.5 million for manufacturing requirements or $4 million for all other requirements.

Full and Open HUBZone Competition

    A full and open competition contract can be awarded with a price evaluation preference for HUBZone small businesses. The offer of a HUBZone small business must be considered lower than the offer of a non-HUBZone/non-small business, provided that the offer of the HUBZone small business is not more than 10 percent higher.

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