Yudrio’s ECM Email Framework

Yudrio’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) email Adapter for Documentum and Alfresco provides the ability to register an email within your government agency or corporation to handle correspondence. Internal or External users can submit emails directly to their Enterprise Content Management System for processing.

This add-on has the ability:

  1. Convert emails to PDF
  2. Extract email metadata
  3. Set metadata to associated Object/Document Models
  4. Intelligently import to an ECM folder based on metadata
  5. Attached a Business Process/Workflow for further processing

System Alerts are configured to notify System Admins of network failures and processing errors.

User Alerts are configured to notify users of successful transmissions to their corresponding Enterprise Content Management system.

Yudrio can customized the framework to meet your specific enterprise needs.

This add-on is currently implemented at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

For more information, please contact emailadapter@yudrio.com.